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On the occasion of the EURO 2024, this special exhibition project revolves around the connective power of football and art

and takes place where everyone gathers: in 10 fundamentally different pubs in Dortmund.

Personal memorabilia provided by local football fans tell us their stories. These “cult” objects are going to be displayed in small shrines designed specifically for this purpose.
In addition there will be nine works by local and international artists that explicitly deal with football culture: old, decommissioned sports grounds become alive again, individual fan hymns are composed, hacks designed
to enhance the visibility of women in football, digital instruments of surveillance serve as
a vehicle for contemporary photography and oversized pennants as well as queer flags show us old and new connections. After the game is before the game and even though football ranks first but every side has two medals: art will secure its position, it splices and dissects until the pieces come back together and passes us the ball — this shows: every story is important, it is what makes football (a) culture.